Who I Am:

My name is Negele Hospedales, or as I’m known by my internet friends, Hospey. I’m a 24-year-old strategist, writer, photographer, creative, and by this point, serial entrepreneur. Specifically, I’m a dreamer, who specializes in making things happen. I hold a bachelors degree in Communication Studies from the University of Calgary, and I am the founder & one of the names behind Redleafgoldteeth (RLGT). RLGT was a personal venture that I created with no real goals in mind… it escalated to 100,000 page views in the first 11 months (with a total of about 280.000 page views to date, since launching in January 2015). What started as a way to write a little bit more about the things I liked quickly became my first entrepreneurial excursion; more so, it was my first taste of how the interaction between content creation and social networking really functioned.


Growing the brand became a passion – RLGT grew to 8 writers and creatives, 3 merchandise lines, and an ineffable amount of growing memories. When I graduated in December 2016 and things started to slow down a bit, with the skills that I taught myself I decided to start putting more effort into my own personal brand, recognizing the importance of doing so. I launched Hospey How-To (HHT) in February 2017 before embarking on my first set of worldly travels as what I envisioned being a timeless log of adventures that I would eventually retire. Now, with no visible end in sight, at a vastly different point than I ever could’ve imagined, HHT is thriving more than I could’ve hoped for – as is the Hospey personal brand.

“I’m a dreamer, who specializes in making things happen”

I gained widespread attention in July 2017 for a piece that I published on HHT about my experiences as an intern for Grammy-winning recording artist, Chance the Rapper, an experience that I was so fortunate to gain as a byproduct of my internet accolades; I built this website to host my resume; He saw it; So did everyone else. My piece was first highlighted by online publication Pigeons & Planesand was soon picked up by magazines, blogs, and radio stations all around the world, only helping build my brand further. The dust settled, and I landed the job. I was fortunate enough to learn from some of the best independent creatives in the world, at the present peak of their success.

chance approval.JPG

As a social influencer, virality is always a blessing, but many don’t recognize the trial and error, wins and losses that it takes to finally land on a piece of content adequate enough to capture the minds of the most widespread of all audiences. My goal with Made by Hospey is to help minimize some of that guess-work involved with reaching and interacting with the intended masses. I pull techniques from my experiences, connections, and educational background to help consult, manage, and coach the great social influencers of the future (read as: you).