Over the last few years, I have worked hard to hand-craft many different ventures of my own, while also having the chance to work alongside some of the best up-and-coming brands and creatives, including musicians, models, designers, entrepreneurs, athletes, non-profits, creative agencies and more.

Read about some of my highlighted past efforts, and find out what I’m working on right now.

YBN Cordae/ rapper


Project management, strategy, & brand development of DMV based rapper YBN Cordae, fka Entendre. Brand-building, market-segmentation, & creative direction. Expect Cordae’s debut album on Atlantic in 2019.

Listen to YBN Cordae’s 2019 single, “Locationships”, here.

Grace Weber/ soul/R&B singer


PR assistance for Grammy-winning singer/songwriter Grace Weber on her debut singles. Influencing ahead of Grace’s forthcoming 2019 debut album.

Listen to Grace’s debut single, “More Than Friends”, here.

Dara/ indie singer, song-writer


PR and content strategy for Nashville-based singer-songwriter Dara, reintroducing the artist with her first singles in 3-years. Our second release, “Don’t Wanna Cry” achieved 400,000 steams across platforms in less than 3 months. Look for Dara’s debut EP in 2019.

Watch the video for Dara’s 2nd single, “Don’t Wanna Cry”, here.

Alexander Lewis/ producer, DJ


Project management for LA-based producer Alexander Lewis on his forthcoming run of EP’s, including RED. Work includes managing digital projects, assistant A&R-ing, and partnership acquisition. Expect Alexander’s next EP in Spring 2019.

Listen to Alexander Lewis’ most recent EP, Omnihere.

Jarreau Vandal/ DJ, producer


Content strategy and social media management for Amsterdam-based, Soulection DJ/producer Jarreau Vandal, on his 2018 mixtape Anthology.

Listen to Jarreau’s popular 2018 single, “Westside”, here.

Young Leaders Network/ 16-24’s youth network

ylnblack-01Brand development, creative direction, design, network management, and social media management for Young Leaders Network. YLN was built for London-based youth engagement agency We Are Futures, and is a youth network for 16-24-year-old “emerging adults” who want to get ahead.

Find YLN on Instagram, here.

Avonlea/ singer, songwriter


Personal-brand audit and social media strategy for LA-based singer/songwriter Avonlea. Completed a 1-month brief focused on streamlining social influence methods and improving brand execution ahead of her debut release.

Watch Avonlea’s video for “Stranger”, here.

Thirdstory/ singing trio

thirdstory defaultSocial media management & project management for the debut album effort of soulful NYC trio Thirdstory, in collaboration with Universal Music Group’s Verve label.

Listen to Cold Heart by Thirdstory, here.

Adrian Stresow/ rapper, producer

adrian stresow (2).jpgStrategy for the release of The Kid In His Room, for Dallas, TX, based rapper Adrian Stresow, and subsequent singles. Developing PR strategies & improving visual cues. Increased average monthly impressions by 130,000 & doubling monthly profile visits in 3 months.

Find Adrian on Soundcloud, here.

Fortysvn/ rapper, producer, engineer

fortysvn (2)Strategy support for Destiny Drive from New York-based rapper, Fortysvn. Successfully increasing social media reach and following, and pushing late single “Smoke Break”.

Find Fortysvn on Soundcloud, here.

Deji Bakare/ model


Responsible for developing overall social media branding skills, construction of a marketable personal brand, and the creation of (shoot portfolio), for Deji Bakare of Wilhelmina Models, Los Angeles.

Find Deji on Instagram at @dejibakare.

@Hospey/ personal brand

KODAK PORTRA 160-201717 (2)

Complete construction of ‘Hospey‘ namesake & brand across various social networks, projects, products, and more. Responsible for all strategy, content creation, and partnership development, including the cultivation and creation of successful personal blow,

Boasts networks 5000+ international followings across various social networks including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Redleafgoldteeth/ Culture website

rlgtcanadaFounder, lead writer, and team lead at Redleafgoldteeth, aka Implementation of bespoke strategy that translated to 100,000+ page views in each of the first 2 years of record, and growth of dedicated followings.

Built the entire base of the website, and personally wrote and published over 400+ online articles relating to a young-adult online audience with interests in music, fashion, and urban culture.