My Work

As a content creator across multiple mediums including journalism, content-writing, video production, design, visual art, and more, I have an extensive portfolio of work and some impressive metrics to boot.


Prolific writing portfolio including over 400 public articles and blog posts, accounting for over 300,000 page views (self-publishing only, not including free-lance).

Excerpt from:how to work for your favourite rapper

“Of these experiences, you’ll want to tell your friends everything, yet you physically won’t be able to tell them about the moments of which words won’t muster meaning, nor the aspects that encapsulated the experience because you still can’t describe them. It’ll take a while.

By the last few weeks, you will be exhausted. You will be fucking exhausted. You will be energized by the amazing creatives and beautiful people in your constant presence. Like Tyler, you will be a walking paradox. While watching your boss –your boss– take the stage in his ‘worlds best dad’ tee, tweaking each sound-check to perfection, the concept of a ‘finish line’ will disappear from mind. Watching the gang roll five, ten, sometimes fifteen deep on whatever miniature motorized vehicle they can get their hands on, like a biker gang beckoning the kingdom, you will understand the importance of your closest circles. Reminders of displacement and trajectory are constant; Skype calls to friends and family remind you exactly how far away from home you are, yet how far you still have to go.”

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Design & Visual Art:

Relevant experience with Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign. My portfolio includes logo design, album art, hand-drawn visual art, headers, and more.


Video Production & Editing:

Proficient with Adobe After Effects and other common video production software.

Web Building:

Extensive experience with building based websites, suitable for business, blogging, and portfolios. Proficient copy & content writer.

Social Media Metrics:

web prescence