How I Can Help

Through two different service offerings, I help musicians, artists, models, influencers, small businesses, non-profits and more, increase their audience engagement & retention across the entirety of their digital footprint through tailored content strategy and bespoke project management. Together, we build stronger audiences through informed communication methods. No matter what stage of building your brand you are in, here is how Made by Hospey can help:

mbhposter2In the ever-expanding digital world, nothing about you or your brand remains “offline”. In the past, the internet was merely supplemental to the brand you built, rather than the full-functioning tool that it has become for both consumers and corporations alike. And for brands, it is no longer only of use for these aforementioned corporations; many would-be consumers and would-be employees for the larger entities are forging a new path and growing their own personal brands.

As creative entities, the need to develop an encompassing, marketable personal brand has reached an all-time high, with what seems like an astounding saturation of people seeking out a piece of the market. Research shows that by 2020, at least 40% of the American workforce will be freelancers, and with a growing emphasis on the digital marketplace, creators with various skills have never possessed more power.


Made by Hospey‘s service are suitable for any budget.

My brand management services (‘How to Build An Empire‘) are based on your monthly budget, meaning that we negotiate a monthly “hours of commitment” that are dispersed proportionally to your needs (i.e. extra hours during launches, relaxed hours during upkeep periods). These contracts start at 3 months to ensure cohesion and workflow and can be easily renewed for longer after the trial period. I am in the business of building connections, so long-term cultivation is always encouraged!

The consultation services offered by Made by Hospey (‘How to Build A Brand’) are available on a single payment flat-rate. This service spans 1 month from start to finish, and is the perfect tool to assess your personal brand and develop a strategy to identify and/or strengthen your brand.

Please use our contact form to get in touch about specific pricing and offerings!