What is “Made by Hospey”?

Long story long, Made by Hospey provides management and consulting services that are helping young people make the transition from budding creatives to full-functioning, high-return, marketable personal brands. Modern techniques, personal experience, and years of research are utilized to focus on 3 main areas of development:

How you interact with your followings;
how you communicate yourself as a brand; and,
ensuring that each channel of contact with your audience is being fully utilized.

I work with full-time creatives to ensure the best return on investments (both time & money); less emphasis is placed on volume, and more concern is weighted in making sure all of your networks are resilient and dedicated. Using my 5+ years of brand building experience, social media expertise via trial and error, and relevant connections to help consult, coach, and collaborate, Made by Hospey converts people into marketable brands, and brands into lasting empires.