What I’ve Done

Since 2012, I have been building brands, by myself and as part of some groundbreaking teams. The ‘Hospey‘ namesake is one passed down by many Hospedales’ in Trinidad & Tobago, my family’s country of origin, but as a personal brand, ‘ThatKidHospey’ began as a YouTube channel when I was 17 years old; A for-fun project grew into a partnered YouTube channel. Eventually ‘Hospey’ not only became the adopted name of most of my social accounts, but rather a marketable brand that denoted my writing, visual art, video productions, design, merchandise, business ventures, and more. Through my co-founded urban-culture website Redleafgoldteeth, I built a name for my brand in the creative industry, and my personal blog, Hospeyhowto, gained worldwide attention with my viral story about my time as an intern for 3x Grammy winner Chance the Rapper. Through this internship, I got to work alongside some of the most influential creatives in the world, and learn first-hand how branded empires remain emboldened eternally.

Today, while continuing to dutifully work on cultivating my own personal brands, I am working to help other young creatives build the audiences they deserve and long for, as well as assisting in ensuring that their brands are communicated in the most efficient way at every point of contact.